Commercial Painting on Cape Cod

When’s the last time your business was treated to a fresh coat of paint? If your walls are looking dull, the color scheme is off or you’re simply ready for a refresh, Justino’s Painting is ready to help. Our painting contractors on Cape Cod, MA have commercial experience working on projects of all sizes, regardless of the venue.

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General Commercial Painting

From grocery stores to retail outlets, banks and restaurants to community centers and houses of worship, projecting the right look and feel is important. It starts with a well-done paint job.

Justino’s Painting is your experienced commercial painting contractor on Cape Cod, MA. We welcome jobs of all sizes and complexities, no matter the venue, inside or out. Let us help you make your establishment one people want to visit and restore the appeal of its interior or exterior with the right colors and beautiful brushwork.


Office Painting

For many people, their office a second home—they occupy it 5 days a week, 8 hours a day. Shouldn’t it feel a little like home? A fresh paint job can really liven up your office, improving employee morale and instilling pride in your place of business. Get rid of drab colors in favor of an interior refresh and watch your office come to life—all with a little paint!

Wallpaper Removal

Is the inside of your business dated due to tacky wallpaper? Instead of trying to remove it all yourself or cheaply covering it with a coat of paint, let us handle the hard work. Our painters on Cape Cod, MA aren’t afraid to put in a little elbow grease to tear out old wallpaper and restore the appeal of your walls with a fresh coat of paint.

Let us Paint Your Facilities

Does your office need a fresh coat of paint to brighten it up? Want to bring a touch of color to your commercial facilities? No matter the size of the job or the colors involved, Justino’s Painting promises flawless results. Reach us today at 508-685-9854 for a free estimate on service.

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