Power Washing on Cape Cod

Exterior surfaces take the brunt of weather and the elements each and every day. After years and years of this constant abuse, they can look downright filthy! To restore the appeal of your exterior surfaces and boost the curb appeal of your home or business, Justino’s Painting offers pressure washing services. We’ll strip away years of built-up grime to reveal surfaces that look like new.

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Why Pressure Wash?

Investing in a pressure washing service on Cape Cod, MA means renewing your exterior surfaces to keep them looking great and lasting longer. By properly cleaning cement, decking, siding and other surfaces, you’ll protect them from buildups that may wear down the surface over time. Investing the money upfront means not having to invest more later in the form of repairs. Plus, the curb appeal of your home or business will rise when the exterior looks like new again!


Surfaces We Pressure Wash

When it comes to power washing on Cape Cod, MA, we have great experience across both residential and commercial properties. Our well-trained experts know how to properly wash a variety of surfaces, using the appropriate pressure and cleaning techniques to ensure results. Some of the surfaces we commonly clean include:

  • Cement surfaces, such as driveways and patios,
  • Decking
  • Siding
  • Steps and walkways

We work with care to ensure the integrity of your surfaces and always do a thorough job that leaves no trace of dirt or debris behind. Count on us to deliver a job well done quickly—same day for all jobs, no matter the size of the surface or the condition it’s in.

Clean Your Exterior Surfaces

Sick of looking at auto stains on your driveway? Want to clear the dirt and debris from your siding? Rely on our experienced power washing professionals to deliver a like-new level of cleanliness to your exterior surfaces. We’ll blast away grime to restore the beauty and value of your property. Give us a call today at 508-685-9854 for an estimate on service.

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